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Social Media Musings

Repurposing content has never been so popular. Since the proliferation of various social media channels, you can now parse your way to many more viewers in 140 character bites, listicles or simply a well composed photograph. The key is taking the valuable insights and information your company already has and breaking it down into bite-sized chunks that make a point, then placing that into the appropriate social media platform. The more engaging the content, the better. And, if you ask for input or a response, be prepared to have a conversation or follow up with more details. While traditional journalism may have been hurt by social media, from a PR perspective, they are another great tool at your disposal.

PR in a Paragraph

As PR pros, our jobs have gotten harder. I used to tell people my job was “not rocket science.” And while some of the common sense methods I once used are still successful, the problem today is that common sense is not all that common. Several factors contributing to that are: demographic and ethnic diversity; political correctness; new technologies; fractured media outlets, etc. The list goes on. With more diverse audiences come more varied media outlets and compounding that, technology has created citizen journalists at every PC. All of this I understand and can strategically manage. The one that stumps me is the hyper politically correct cohort. Perhaps it is upbringing or the capitalism that has engulfed post-secondary education. Either way it is bad for freedom of speech and that, is bad for PR.

Feedback Please

The most basic communication model includes a feedback loop. Today that feedback loop can be found not only in surveying customer response but in social media posts about your brand. This invaluable link to your clients consciousness is the place where your messages can make the most impact. Providing relevant content has never been more critical, as more and more people tune out promotional messages. So, the next time you get a survey, or send a tweet, make sure you answer honestly or ask the pertinent question that will engage your audience. Rejoice in the proliferation of these tools to help your brand succeed.

Give and Take

Communications historically has involved an exchange of information and ideas and at no time has it been more universal than today. Social media has created the means for a real dialogue between an organization and its constituents, while also clearing a channel for those publics to voice direct feedback. Wouldn’t it be gratifying if the organizations actually listened and responded, making way for a better process that will benefit our economic, social and environmental health?

Of TV and Twitter

Since most of what is tweeted about involves TV (what’s on, who’s on, etc.) I am here and now making a prediction. As networks continue to use followers to boost ratings numbers, the ads are soon to follow. If advertisers think their audience is on Twitter and fast forwarding through the commercials on DVRs, they will succeed in enticing Twitter to allow more ads (and incidentally, more revenue for the Twit) and there will be a mass exodus of followers and tweeters to the “Next Big Thing.” Mark my words, Twitter is going down.

Heart Month?

Since February is Heart Month, here’s a thought. Does anyone think it is just coincidence that heart disease rose to become the nation’s number one killer after school systems obliterated recess and P.E., and large food companies went public deciding that feeding America was a business and profit was more important than people’s health? I think there’s no such thing as coincidence. With this new model, everyone wins — food companies, health care companies, doctors, lawyers — except you, the consumer. Take that to heart.

Current Pace Not Sustainable

The current pace at which the media reports, people Tweet, emails fly, and voicemails pile up, is not sustainable. In the interest of productivity, everyone feels the need to act – all the time. It is in the inaction of stillness and reflection that we find our creative spark and begin renewed for the next task of value.

PR is like a Diet

Good PR is like a healthy diet. PR’s long term effects are felt on reputation long beyond your daily activities of the moment.

PR Like Life

Public Relations is like life. Sometimes it is good, sometimes bad. You win, you lose, you try. The trick to both is not letting the bad, the loss, the striving get you down. Persistence is sometimes our greatest attribute.

Building a Reputation Takes Time

Like a fine wine or blossoming romance, building a solid reputation using PR strategies takes time.  Each success amplifies the one before and at the tipping point becomes exponentially more effective than a single action.  Beware:  it only takes one failure or misstep to destroy what has been built.